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    Jim documents our tragic transition to climate catastrophe, still possible to reverse, and in an act against
    planetry suicide he comments on our politics, introducing many innovations in the arts and mathematics.
    This absorbtion in ways of murdering old thinking has led to rapid evolution and new understandings which
    accommodate old forms which express truth, and expand their idea to a new harmony expressing discoveries
    in knowledge which we must use with determination for the good of mankind. This is called Love and extends

    Here is a way I have discovered, there are others:
    Seek wisdom even when you cannot find it.
    Abandon unethical systems and their controls.
    Innovate to explore and improve. Use it to live in peace.

    I need to learn two things:
    To meditate when I am angry
    and do what I am told.
    Basically, my whole life has been the opposite.

Table perhaps with Contents

  1. Contacts
  2. Apollo-Gaia Project
  3. Azimuth Project
  4. Ecology, Food and Permaculture
  5. Energy in Planned Climate Catastrophe Aversion
  6. Engineering
  7. Film
  8. Global Embezzlements and Negotiations for better Use
  9. Gnostics - The first amongst many Christians and today's Heritage
  10. Lesser Mathematics in Stages to Greater Mathematics
  11. Loving Politics and Human Rights
  12. Modern Jazz
  13. Our Galaxy the Milky Way
  14. Physics
  15. Poetry
  16. Postevolutionary Systems are Evolving
  17. Raoof Mirzaei on Science
  18. Rebel University
  19. Recycling and Waste
  20. Stories
  21. Sunshine and Happiness
  22. Vedic Civilisations
  1. eBook: The Climate and Energy Emergencies (2014)
  2. Hard Brexit
  3. Poem: My Love is Like a River
  4. Sonata for Four Hands:
    Jar of Moonbeams, Dance of the Robots, Rondetto and Cave of Echoes
  5. Film script: Olaf's Inefficient Exercise Programme

  1. Jim Adams, living in Dublin, is a mathematician with interests in theoretical physics. In his career he was a member of the composers group New Music Brighton. He has been involved in climate catastrophe issues.
  2. Olaf Tatikson ('tatik' is the Inuit word for love) in Neskaupstadur is a film screen writer of comedies and films with social comment, serious or otherwise, including science fiction.
  3. Marcia de Penguinne has a sense of humour and is interested in social issues.
  4. Graham Ennis is currently studying Art. He is well informed and well known in political circles, including the SNP, and is critical of current thinking in physics.
  5. Doly Garcia with a maths degree from the university of Barcelona is interested in climate issues, and has written in The Oil Drum on her mathematical model for the Earth's resources.
  6. Albert Masterson is the partner of Doly Garcia and works as an engineer in Newhaven.
  7. Jim Hamilton has a PhD jointly in mathematics and oceanography. He is a sailor and was an engineer dealing with mathematical modelling on water flow around oil rig legs. He has assisted Jim Adams in checking mathematical results using computer software.
  8. David Adams was the brother of Jim Adams and had a compassionate outlook to all people.
  9. George Adams has an interest in business organisations, which includes reference to Marxist theory and practice.
  10. Telly O'Hara lives in Athens and is a social media commentator.
  11. An Weepad is Vietnamese. She collaborated with Olaf Tatikson on 'One No Trump' and has a project with Jim Adams on a musical containing Katu myth.
  12. Andrew Nicholas is currently working on the second edition of his book on Vedic mathematics.
  13. Raoof Mirzaei from Tehran is a former student of theoretical physics.
  14. Paddy O'Keefe is a professional actor.
  15. Jane Dobley comes from Poland.
  16. Ixartak Vlid splits her time between the Sagittarius Dwarf galaxy and the Orion Arm of our Milky Way galaxy. She is currently based in Altair.
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