Welcome from Ixartak Vlid


    Avasta: A cultural variable-dialect interchange language for emotional and content Insight communication in glyphs. This will become the Martian
    language. It is intended as a first stage that it will be a wa-context language augmented by communication in local dialects. The base dialect languages
    are those documented in the Small Campuses section of the Rebel University section in both levels. An overarching language is being developed from
    these alphabets which will be a rigorus development of them. The terms, expressible as wa-context, are inherent in Avasta. It must encapsulate their
    expression in glyphs, but its game-theoretic basis must be expandable and flexible. It must enable languages in situ with no control over them, whilst
    definitively marking where they take place (of course this may be subverted). Avasta should be compact and simple, whilst naturally enabling high
    computation and poetry. It should have sufficient designed and undesigned flexibility to evolve.