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    Forthcoming: What happened in the Troubles? An investigation and an account.

    Forthcoming: Should the IRA Still be in Power? We argue that the current arrangements are correct but difficult.
    No, this is not quite what it seems. Republicanism should be based on a fair deal for everyone, not just those who
    (correctly in my opinion) want Northern Ireland fully integrated within a progressive political settlement totally at
    peace with its Irishness.

    William the Conqueror

    The source of the vertical power structure in the UK, and its replication. The power and wealth of William the
    Conqueror over the subjugated population documented in its contempory accounts was so total and massive that
    we know of no standard academic historian of the present day who accepts them. There is no reason why these
    accounts are not correct.

    Iceland and the History of Its Modernity

    Stuart Christie

    D.D. Johnston

    New Left Review