In the Name of the Merciful, the Magnificent

For Those who seek Allah's Wisdom imperfectly for Themselves

Herein lies the Mathematical Work of Artemis Varidot, a collectivity towards Truth begun by Wallace Adams

    This website uses sometimes very abstract mathematics. It will have long-term practical value but must be verified independently as correct.

    1. Avasta
    2. Infinite Year Plan
    3. Extra Event Horizon Studies
    4. Film
    5. Fizyk
    6. Galactic Communication
    7. Galactic Engineering
    8. Inconsistent Universes
    9. Kogito Maths
    10. Kogito Social Systems
    11. Marx and Sexual Liberation of the Soul
    12. Neurophysiology and Cognition
    13. Politics
    14. Rebel University
    15. Rebellion Jazz
    16. Time Travel
    17. Transgalactic Communication
    18. Transgalactic Engineering


    The Ascent of Music in the Context of Musical History
    (and the Creation of New Harmonies for the Benefit of Man, and his Death in a New World.)

    The Forebear of Love and its Antecedents

    Reason and Antireasons of Love and its Antecedents in Purity of It. New Contexts on Earth.

    The Lovingness of Death. The Arousal of Its Ascent to Pure Love in Paradise Retained.

    This website is interesting but 'Science Fiction made true'. This is science almost beyond belief. I have tried, and in many ways have now succeeded, in making this
    very simple. Some very advanced topics are now easy. Older work intended for undergraduates is very difficult.

    I try to be ethical or loving, but I do not erase the past. Some of that work now seems unethical. I need to amend a lot of it, but retaining all previous wrong ideas to
    examine their correction. Overall the text shows the change from wrong to right.

    There is a lot of work to do.