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Incompetence is a way of life.

Good thoughts with bad outcomes need love up.

This website has been reduced (and will be reduced even further when it goes down, probably not). More advanced material will be contained in the companion website
www.theloveoftruth.ie, but is not yet set up.

Technology does not work. It is an accompaniment for love and not a substitute.

    eBook: Shining light on solar panels (unfinished 2019)

Table of Contents

  1. Contacts
  2. Apollo-Gaia Project
  3. Azimuth Project
  4. Ecology, Food and Permaculture
  5. Energy in Planned Climate Catastrophe Aversion
  6. Engineering
  7. Global Embezzlements and Negotiations for better Use
  8. Gnostics - The first amongst many Christians and today's Heritage
  9. Lesser Mathematics in Stages to Greater Mathematics
  10. Loving Politics and Human Rights
  11. Marx and Sexual Liberation
  12. Our Galaxy the Milky Way
  13. Physics
  14. Plays, Novels and Film
  15. Postevolutionary Systems are Evolving
  16. Raoof Mirzaei on Science
  17. Rebellion Jazz and Poetry
  18. Rebel University
  19. Recycling and Waste
  20. Sunshine and Happiness
  21. Transition from the Fourth Reich to a New History
  22. Vedic Civilisations
  23. Why the Sane in Mind Control Society are Abused
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Engineering for need

by Artemis Varidot.

The world capitalist information industry is being taken over by an American company, Glogal Incompetent Inc. (slogan: Incompetence rules OK). We must help them improve,
particularly in the way they spell their name, but if they ask us we will help them more. The same remark applies to Website Security (slogan: Total Unconnectedness) including
my own but the problem is global. After the humour the real problem is with ourselves. We do not try hard enough to help others. Intensive care is often required in this respect.
Artemis Varidot wishes to introduce some new ideas. We have the proposed

A1. My blood pressure. A nurse goes round Harbour Hospital sometimes taking blood pressure readings which are normally 130/85. The equipment she explains is playing up, giving
280/97. Assuming it is not, I can be presented as a potential new Dr Who who has two hearts. This would normally be male, but I am prepared to be female if the BBC believes this
will preserve gender balance.

B1. Vacuum briefs. No material. For the unforgetful. Why warm your balls? This is bad for you.
B2. You can keep a banana (and/or plantain) pouch inside your jeans, though. This is useful for lunch.

C. Validaton Code Tax. Yes, this is like bending down for no soap with nobody there, but never mind.

D. Footpain relief from water, a Boot's brush and your fingers.

My brother Martin's interest in football allows him to tell me that the best way to remove muscle pain is a splash of cold water. This is the old way, which is the best.

For many years I had comfortable wide leather Clarke's shoes. I am 69. For vegetarian reasons I have gone over to vans. The ones I have now have furry interiors and are size 10's.
Size 9 is wrong for these vans, and my wide feet (disapproved a long time ago for women in China) are best accommodated in 10's. My feet ache. There may be many reasons,
including flat heels.

To relieve general body pain in all parts (including massaging a bald scalp - not mine) a circular plastic comb with plastic comb fingers is a good remedy and a stimulant at the
start of the day.

E1. Conceptors The most important feature we have in this section is the idea apparatus called a conceptor, which is intended to replace zero intelligence syntax machines we
call computers.

E2. Artemis Varidot mobile landline. No validation.

When you turn on this mobile and have paid, it should work. You get no bills or receipts but we try to be ethical. When you run out of money it stops. When you have paid
the money it goes on again. It should work in any country but we are not entirely competent. We do not enquire whether you are a valid object.

If someone steals your mobile and you are distressed call the police. We will not turn it off. If the thief is able to pay for a new installment using your bank number that is
a serious matter. Call your bank. Since we have explained this to you we do not think this should be our concern.

We over-explain. We have explained. Get it?

This mobile is denominated in bitcoins, which value any currency. When you pay in your local currency, say euros, it bills you in bitcoins.

F. Conspiricy theory first search engines. Status Quo Theories come from the establishment. Conspiracy theories are disapproved (by the establishment). There is a very
high correlation between Conspiracy Theories and coherence which can be mathematically described as saying how much a story hangs together. Sometimes Bogus Conspiracy
Theories are dropped in by the Establishment to discredit Conspiracy Theories, but they are incoherent. The idea is to have a search engine, which was not too difficult in the past,
which in its selection puts Conspiricy Theories first.

Such a search engine could be started in Cuba. Obviously Cuban security agencies would have some form of monitoring control, but that would be it. It should be set up to rival
Google. I can have some of the funds. It should be set up firstly for Spanish and Portuguese. Later Arabic, Chinese and French would be included. It would only slightly use English.

G1. Martian Centrifugal Lifts. The construction of a Centrifugal Lift on Earth is fraught with difficulty. There have never been practical applications of the idea that the lift of
materials from the Earth's surface by some device which might in a simple implementation lift objects to space by say rollers to some point sufficiently distant from the surface.
Thought of as 'escaping Earth's gravity' this is a formidable task forbidden by present technology and a possible snapping of the cable under strain or stress forces which are
technologically possible but unnecessary for the moon. The energy taken to ascend the lift can be partially recuperated from the conversion of potential energy by breaking its
conversion to kinetic energy as it descends.

These Lifts in which an equitorial attachment extending from a planet puts the cable at right angles to the centrifugal force of the planet are technologically possible but unnecessary
on the moon. For Mars, a planet of smaller mass and thus lower gravitational pull, they seem directly relevant to a future human presence.

G2. Martian Maglev global communication system to such a planned communication structure. We will look at Magnetic Levitation and Maglev Trains on Mars. We will take
the dodecahedric configuration of the curved tiles of a football which defines topologically the structure for a future Martian physical transportation system. This tiling system consists of
totally interlacing pentagons, in fact 12 in number, which is another way of describing the configuration as dodecahedric. We note that two adjoining pentagons on one edge alone define a
straight line bisecting the common edge. Extended globally, these lines which then become great arc circles around the planet Mars define a global transportation system for it. Bloody Hell!
Thus in its global configuration we have a type of structure which is planned. There are a number of planned cities in Europe. Edinburgh is a case in point. We are in effect defining a global
communicaton structure for a whole planet in a planned way, just as in a more local sense happened with the roads and buildings in Edinburgh.

Of course this structure is only locally an approximation, because there are many features on Mars, as on Earth, which create quite a formidable obstacle to any globally coherent planned
artifice of this type. In particular, Mars contains a very large peak whose apex is very much higher than Everest is above sea level. This only means we have a type of net stucture which
may cover a global configuration for Mars. Nevertheless, we consider without further immediate analysis, that this idea might be a good one. Indeed if the tiling system is minimal, in a
sense this must be the most efficient, since the next regular pentagon up defines a totally flat structure which, Mars being spherical, cannot be topologically mapped to its surfce. This does
not deny that other local structures of communication cannot be appended to it.

We have only mentioned Maglev as an appropriate technology becase it is, we think, a type that is similar to the ultra-fast trains in Japan from one end of its vast island archipelligo to the
other. Linear induction motors are very interesting, but we cannot say that they are optimal. This is our opinion in vacuity of other information which might be relevant. We nevertheless
think this is sufficient for further research to accommodate global planetary cities on Mars. Clearly there are other accommodations than the siting to mere railways to consider. Nor do we
thnk the temperature gradient between poles and the equator is insignificant. This feature alone may induce other configurations or additions to such structures.

G3. Maglev nighttime insulation could be provided by folding tent-like structures over the tracks at night and in cold weather. Normally they would be open to allow 4,000 km/hr Maglev
transport in the thin Martian atmosphere.

G4. Settlement domes most simply would be hemispheres based on the pentagonal tiling of a football.

G5. Inertial cones would be very wide truncated cones of high inertia due to mass, in which the inhabitantants would experience 'artificial gravity', desirable since low gravity means that
naturally animals attain great height.

G6. Settlement solar heating would be of two types. A circle of tracking reflectors would concentrate solar heating on the domes. The interior of the domes could be heated by parabolic
mirror troughs concentrating sunlight on liquid salts circulating to the settlements particularly for nighttime heating.

G7. Deuterium is present in too large amounts (eight times the figure on Earth) because say of the solar wind supplying too many protons together with electrons hitting away hydrogen
on Mars. A solution when there is too much is to centrifuge the water or possibly boil it to non-poisonous levels. Mars contains much water ice.

G8. Water transport to Mars or the Moon is possible - say from Jupiter's moons. Europa contains liquid water that could be transported to Mars and funnelled down a Martian Lift, to
provide substantial water facilities on on Mars, which could be populated taking Mars as a 'Noah's Ark'. This is dangerous if Eupopa contains living organisms with a structure incompatible
or reacting with those on Earth. The water would be distilled with heat exchangers, and macroscopic living organisms filtered out. The outer moon Callisto, compatible for radiation reasons
with human navigation spacecraft could be used instead. Note that water-ice on comets contains cyanide, another filtration problem!

G9. Spacecraft between Mars orbit and Earth orbit might have a maximum of about 1,500 passengers.

Hi-tech engineering

by Albert Masterson.

1. Onboard Solar concentrators in spacecraft.
I am currently researching into Solar collectors (concentrators) using a Solar Vaporization/Dissociation System (SVDS) for improving rocket motor performance in space. The idea seems doable and I recently found has been around since the 1950's. Issues to think about on SVDS:
a) Collection area.
b) Level of concentration of light.
c) Alignment to the sun and other losses.
d) Thermal physical expansion of the SVDS unit.
e) Applied mathematical ideas: 'Stefan's law' and the 'input output power balance equation' (this includes losses).

Facts found so far
1) I used my own first stage mathematical model and rough calculations. Localised temperatures of 900 deg C+ could be achieved for SVDS.
Note: The fuel Aerozine 50 is a 50/50 mix by weight of hydrazine and unsymmetrical dimethylhydrazine (UDMH). It was used by the Apollo Lunar Module and the Service Propulsion System engine. It has a boiling point of 70 deg C. It could be possible with the SVDS unit to preheat this fuel to 1 times its boiling point. This increase could thrust a space craft, lowering fuel requirements.
2) Other work done in the field of solar collector concentrators gives temperature figures. For example for parabolic reflectors, of 200-700 deg C.
3) Also see Build it Solar: the Renewable Energy site for Do-It-Yourselfers - lots of home built systems.

Note: There are claims of 3 K Watts or 950 deg C for one unit, also 1200 deg F for another.
Note: 2) and 3) items are all Earth based units. On a sunny day they only approx 75% of the sun's radiation due to absorption by the atmosphere. Outside the
atmosphere you would get even more of the sun's radiation upping SVDS performance.
Note: There is a history of concentrated solar power going back to the time of Archimedes (in legend) to repel an invading Roman fleet from Syracuse.
Note: The Antoine Lavoisier diamond experiment used a burning glass to set fire to a diamond to find out what it was made of.

2. The best arrangement of reflectors in solar panel tracker arrays.
Following an idea of Graham Ennis, we find the angle, 55.7 degrees relative to the panel, and the length, 0.65 of the length of the array, of reflectors surrounding the edge of an array with
corner mirrors, when sunlight is vertically above the panel. This happens for a tracker array. It gives 3 times the power output for this type of array compared with one with no reflectors.

3. Shining light on solar panels.
Will Cottrell has commissioned a report to show how to raise power output by reflecting light on solar panel arrays on flat roofs. It contains an Executive Summary and a Technical Report.

4. Solar Cookers.

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In Salta, Argentina, a very novel type has been developed. The concentrator is a Fresnel type reflector. In the focal region, solid aluminum bricks are heated up to 400 deg C. Then the
hot bricks are put in an insulated oven in a school. The oven permits either the baking of bread or cooking for up to 20 to 30 kg of food. Another variant heats water in the focal region.
It produces steam, which can be used to directly boil food in the cooking pots.

5. Cracking hydrocarbons by solar power.
This is currently done using hydrocarbons, but would be efficient in Saudi Arabia. Caspian Sea oil, particularly polluting, could be processed using solar concentrators to speed chemical
reactions. At sea a floating solar chemical plant at the equator could convert waste to dissociated chemicals which are recyclable.

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Lo-tech engineering

by Graham Ennis.

Graham has great interests in ancient civilisations, asserting that they had technical abilities and forms of organisation which have been abandoned in the modern
world, but sometimes appear quite relevant to the conditions of those countries suffering from poverty and great economic difficulty. These ancient techniques are
often potentially of great use to such societies in the modern world.

He recounts:
1. Egyptian pyramids beneath the stone outer cladding were concrete. There is a fly in one of the concrete bricks, so this cannot be stone.
2. Bricks with spaces in between built up as for the casing of a four sided pyramid but with a length not a peak at the top, can collect dew in the morning, and
this can be used for water even in arid regions.
3. There are deep caverns which are waterholes in an extensive system in the Middle East. They could be Babylonian, and are not in use. They are like jugs with
a constricted top and a wide interior. These can be dug with a spade.

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