Thordur Thompson, Artemis Birla and Graham Ennis

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The great principle of evolution is it does not
matter because it is beyond our control.
This ought to be taught in schools.
Battle of Kursk, July to August 1943.


The battle of Kursk Youtube video. It is claimed by Americam military historians that Hitler's decision to engage in the battle of Kursk was a mistake.
To the contrary, it led inevitably to the temporary defeat of the Nazi system, and his ejection from Europe. It was a great success.

When Truman asked Stalin at the Potsdam Conference in 1945
whether Hitler was dead, Stalin replied bluntly 'No'.
Hitler left the bunker in Berlin with Eva Braun
via a network of tunnels on 22 April 1945.

They flew to Barcelona, Spain on 26 April where Franco met them.
Junkers aircraft took them to Ascencion and Argentina.

The Fourth Reich is the political entity which was submerged and displaced from the Third Reich.
Fascism has always been there, and is the dominant organisation of the planet.

History of the Fourth Reich

The Nazis since 1945. The Nazis in Europe.



The Peronist game.


Churchill and the Bengal Famine.

The IRA.

Che Guevara.

General Giap.

The American War in Vietnam.

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