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Global Embezzlement System

Rules are there to irritate us.
When the rules no longer irritate us
it is of no use having the rules
and we might as well subvert them.

Those whose greatest desire is the Embezzlement of the Soul
may feel the need to remove the Plug of Power.

It may be noted that those that do not wish to appear may
disappear like von Neumann and the Rothschilds somewhere else.

This website has been reduced. More more advanced material will be contained in the companion website www.theloveoftruth.ie, but is not yet set up.

I don't want more, I want enough.

I think the major inability of our civilisation is not to reach out to ideas with the conclusion that they are wrong, but the struggle to reach out to any ideas at all.

    What is money?

    I had long considered that money was a valuation if you like of the amount of effort, including the energy input, cost of assembly, an evaluation of the conceptual effort that
    gave rise to its production if that were appropriate, and other similar or dissimilar valuations of the same type. On reflection, and I think this is obvious, money is not a
    valuation of this type and never was. Thus I am saying Marx was an idiot and entirely got it wrong, and I being a double idiot in following him had therefore got it wrong too.
    So if money in Marx's ideas is not a valuation of the labour which goes in an object, or other extenions, and for my previous ideas it is not an evaluation in some ways of
    energy states and transformations and their efficiency, what is it? Clearly the previous types of evaluation given here are signifiant and need to be considered, particularly
    in any social system concerned with producing objects of either direct physical use or as assistence in the understanding of technical and social information. Some people are
    beumsed by the apparent anomalies in the role of money, particularly when they are used to the idea of it as a measure of supply and demand. As we are frequently informed,
    the supply and demand structure in the models most often adopted are in equilibrium, whereas a study of physical processes indicates that social systems are unstable, in
    fact because they exist in a universe which is not in equilibrium, and a consequence of disequilibrium is that social and other physical boundaries are subject to change and
    eventually disintegrate. Anomalies in the way money is used, and the apparent great dissimilarity between aggregates of local valuations of it and the properties of its global
    distribution and transfer are unexplained. The theory never goes beyond there. Let us give a succinct one liner about what money is.

    Money is a valuation of control.

    We perhaps now see things from a different perspective. At a local transaction, an exchange of money exchanges control in the use of an object from the holder to the buyer.
    The buyer then has freedom to use the object within his or her own control system. At the higher levels in the Fourth Reich power, or control, is highly available and centralised.
    It is in fact so centralised that it is able to override any opposition. This explains the anomalies between the operation of money at the global level and the properties of its
    valuations and transfers at the local level, which if this were a correct valuation at all, should be additive.

    A remark

    We refer to the more advanced website for more details. This idea does not correspond to dogma on supply and demand, the entire subject of which is tosh. This tosh is
    not valueless, it is useful in discussing systems of thought control and mass belief in ideas of no value. There is extensive analysis on that site of social systems, confused
    reasoning of various types, the consequences of deranged thinking and their control stucture, propaganda projection and evolutionary development of such systems on a
    secure mathematical basis which describes their behaviour.

    We find this time and again in discusing social systems. For instance mathematics, the most secure of the sciences, is 80% incorrect, although it is difficult to define it.
    It is well understood by professionals in the subject that physics is 100% wrong, but they claim the approximations are good physics. If a theory is wrong, it will produce
    wrong explanations. Particularly distressing is that physicists are expected to agree with the statement that reality does not exist, and are tested on this in examinations.
    They are taught that this is proved by the von Neumann theorem, which it is well-known is incorrect and the counter-examples to it are ancient and well-established
    theoretically, but which they choose to ignore, just like many well-known experimental results which refute their physics and threaten their social system as a consequence.

    The global elite

    The estimates of wealth given here are declared ones, and do not include, say, numbered Swiss bank accounts. We have not yet made an analysis of an estimate of the average
    percentage escalator. Always, a comparison with income and visible wealth reveals that declared assets could only be achieved by gross financial incompetence or superb legal
    and accountancy advice, which ought not to be the case when these people own such companies. We will be very conservative and say the escalator of actual over declared
    wealth is 100 times. As we have mentioned frequently elsewhere, money is not an operative element for the hyper-rich, it is power. Estimates in terms of money give inaccurate
    assessments of wealth and power, and it is largely advisable to ignore them.

    The cat walk begins with Johnathan Harmsworth, the fourth Lord Rothmere. He owns DMG media and thus the Daily Mail. His declared wealth is 2 billion. He lives in Ferne
    House in 240 acres in Wiltshire, renovated at the cost of 40 million. He has French non-domiciled status, so pays no taxation. He blocked its removal by appointments to HMRC.
    Declared income from the Daily Mail is 10 million a year. His tax avoidance schemes are in Bermuda and Jersey. Thank you Johnathan.

    In a poll, 69% said former Daily Mail editor Paul Dacre was gay, 31% said he was straight and 0% said he was bisexual. How you can be 69% gay, 31% staight and not a
    bisexual is a bit of a conundrum. It can presumably be obtained by having a cunt, a dick and a large arse.

    Current Daily Mail editor is Geordie Grieg. He has written a book about his grandfather Louis Grieg, a member of Oswald Mosley's January Club.

    Global accountancy fraud

    We detail some aspects of global accountancy. We divide these companies into secret accountancy and companies for global accountancy fraud. For instance the pyramidal
    Mafia and horizontal Camorra are established and well-integrated elements of the system. They are to all intents and purposes indistinguishable from the rest of it, although
    they retain strictly their separate identities. Their technical services are used for people who may aquire too much information and are unable to accommodate with it. Secret
    accountancy is tightly designed that way. The more paranoid and sooner or later the less may become aware of the way it operates. A pleasant accountant I met in a senior
    meeting stated later in the strictest confidence that if ever the reason for a strange sequence of enforced silences was revealed, the state of his body, if ever found, would cause
    disquiet. Global accountancy is integrated. Detailed and comprehensive information is available at the higher levels. For minor actors, the facade appears well-partitioned and