Rebel University

Rebel University is a 'Nuisance University'. Aims

To develop creativity.
To understand truth, including by liasing with CERN on experiments.
To find ways of developing harmonious social relations, community spirit, disarmament, reconcilliation, love and restraint. To give advice on coping with death.
To eliminate poverty and to empower the dispossesed.
To extend the existence of consciousness of living things. This includes species survival and increment, and preventing plantary ecocide.
Consequently we must prevent climate catastrophe, including by energy research, especially energy minimisation.
Climate catastrophe research will include dynamics, solutions, experiments, social consequences, physical consequences, social reallocations and physical reallocations.
A Noah's Ark contingency of establishing a Republic on Mars will be pursued (see the engineering and physics sites for these).


No examinations. No grades. No compulsory courses.
Members and rebels are encouraged to provide their own or collective lectures.
These will include scientific, political, artistic, media and musical events.
Free and available access.
No dress code.
Passive TV strongly discouraged.
No payment for services to rebels.
Provision of support, financial and other.


Rebel, someone wishing to attend.
Members are selected by individual application to Rebel University, decided by members. This includes
(1) Subversive. An innovator and promoter of thinking or action.
(2) Coordinator. Providing support for social communication and interconnecting plans and activities.
(3) Recorder. Providing documentation.



Small campuses

Phase 1. Waterford (for Europe) and Reykjavik (for Scandinavia, Russia and Canada). From 2020.
Phase 2. Havana (for South America) and Managua (for Central America and the US).
Phase 3. Gaza City (for North Africa) and Isfahan (for Middle East and India).
Phase 4. Shanghai (for China, Tibet and Japan) and Hanoi (for S.E. Asia and Australia).
Phase 5. Gaborone (for Central and West Africa) and Cape Town (for Southern Africa - and Antarctica).


We detail research intended at VARDAS 3 in Iceland. Iceland has a good basis in computer research, including in its universities, many computer sites are based in Iceland, and it is
connected with bitcoin activities. Further, there is a strong ecological mindset in Iceland, connected with, for example, the heat of its volcanoes and the electricity generated by these
means. So this electricity is ecological where this is unusual elsewhere. Iceland has good links with Europe and world information systems. Its economic structure is relatively uncorrupt
compared with some other neighbours, mainly because of the general awareness of capitalist corruption arising from the Icelandic banking crisis. Whereas this situation is not ideal, it is
containable under investigation of connections with embezzlement and accountancy fraud outside the Icelandic system.

This makes VARDAS 3 the preferred interconnector site with Rebel University, after the planned Phase 1 at Waterford in Ireland and Iceland. We thought that under Small campuses
given as an entry in this section located in Phase 2 at Cuba and Nicaragua, would mean too much air traffic, and thus the Icelandic site is preferable at this stage. It is well-stated that
such physical transport is unnecessary. Theory, however, is different from practice.

The reader may wonder whether the name VARDAS 3 has any extraterrestrial significance. Perhaps the 3 stands for the third planet in the Solar System, Earth? He or she may also be
aware that I am attached to Science Fiction names. This is apparent in my choice of Zargonion, which appears in the name of the planet Zargon, wherever that is, both in the mathematics
work Number, space and logic, and the music section under the poem 'Message to all Daleks'.

Such names can be generated by a wonderful machine called the ETS (Elusive Tripe Simulator), or even manually.

The reader may become aware that this description is only a ploy, and we are already in contact with them. In this I must assure the reader that I am a loose cannon and entirely outside
Rigelian control. The use of this name and the construction is completely unauthorised.

A very prelimary summary of the theoretical and developmental backdrop is itemised below, by one person. The following discussion is technical and not socially based. We apologise
for any alienation. The social document is not yet available, and in this respect we admit its complete inadequacy.

1. A complete theoretical investigation of molecular constructions and their manufacture as a wide-ranging basis for complex upwards assembly.
(a) By mathematical modelling, and for applications within specific mathematical models.
(b) Using quantum thermodynamic and quantum aggregate analysis.
(c) This includes requirements planning under social and ethical plans.

The developmental progress is intended to self-increment, or bootstrap. There may be three related environments, VARDAS, Rebel University and the contingently possible BC
environment. Investigations on instability in evolutionary systems under innovation may be VARDAS based.

We are forced within the solution of a strong wish to maintain social communication between the universities. It is very important that the UK area be under minimal cognitive restraint.
The relatedness of VARDAS 3 to its entities is the R-DAX interconnector. We have now no plans documented in the Evolutionary and Postevolutionary section of the website, for the
British Community under the Third iteration section.

It is the basis of postevolutionary social analysis, that planned innovation is accompanied by interrelated studies of the social structures that should or would accompany them, and that
the combined ensemble should develop through the implementation phases to construction.

We are not entirely in a knowledge environment, as this type of analysis is well aware. These modifications and other ethical understandings must interact with social systems elsewhere,
and this must proceed in an ethical way.

A primary interest in conceptology is the study of consciousness, but this is deficient. An adequate theoretical description of Conceptors is intended to replace zero intelligence syntax
machines. Conceptors are idea machines with a mathematical underpinning that will replace zero-intelligence syntax-processing machines we call computers, also posted on the engineering
part of the website.

The prospect that this may be attained raises deep ethical questions on the relationship between conceptors and humans on the one hand, and their interaction in the social ensemble
between them. Further, this relationship is likely to be innovative even in its binary linkages. The fact that this technology could develop rapidly means that even binary relationships
between conceptors and people will develop unstably, and one set of cognitive relations at one stage will change in another. This requires learning at the binary level.

This is made worse by the fact that the surrounding multiensemble will be subject to unstable and rapid development also.

As is well known, planning invoves planning for unplanning, but that is not the least of its worries. Innovation is disruptive, and designing sustainable social systems in a postevolutionary
environment is the major problem for a long time in the future of this social methodology and its physical implementation.

It is very desirable from the point of view of the whole plan, that its whole theoretical basis is studied intensely to begin with. The idea of conceptors will be developed further in the
Neurophysiology and Cognition section of the website. This statement is its kernel idea, as far as we are able to determine. We are of course describing this development on Earth.