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    The Destitute Capitalist

    A student, Jas, lives a charmed life in Cambridge. Moving north to own a cotton mill in Lancashire, he turns down an invitation from a Mr Marx in Manchester to expand
    his drapery business. The mill goes bankrupt, and Jas is wanders the streets asking for bread. Knocking at a door, a mill girl, seeing he has a posh accent, invites him in with
    'Ee, come in lad!' Their son works in the market at the age of nine selling safety pins. Jas devises increasingly bizzare schemes to make money and is sent to a lunatic asylum.
    His wife dies. Marx and Sieff becomes Marks and Spencer. At the funeral of his father, his son, unable to pay for the bus fare, is the only person there apart from the grave

    Konrad Weil is a German playwright currently resident in Prague.

    Ending of a play:
    You mean, my God.
    There are even subversives in the CIA.

    Escape from the country of Perfection (by Dogshitt)

    A perfect society has been built from the remains of a previous one. A man goes into a tourist information centre and asks how he can leave the country of Pefection. He is
    told that nobody has done that. Anyone leaving Pefection must forfeit eternal life. Continuing to insist, he is told it is possible to go on a distant trip to the Great Wall of
    Perfection, and it is possible to leave from there. Reaching the Great Wall, he walks to the exit point. In front of its huge unclimable ediface, he is confronted by armed
    guards telling him to stop, or he will be shot. He continues to walk towards the wall, and walks through it. It is an electronic mirage, a hologram. Walking along a pleasant
    country road, he has escaped.
    1. Life in the country of Perfection
    2. Problems at the Cavernous Ministry of the Unmentionable Bog
    3. The long transport to Blackerpond
    4. The flight to Vardick
    5. The view of the Temple of Pleasure
    6. The stop-over in Dogsplatter
    7. Escape

    Is there intelligent life on Earth?

    Rather old, but is this a wrong, joke? Where is our agent now?